CBS to Let Fans Vote on 'Hawaii Five-0' Ending

Digital storytelling will take a step forward on Monday, Jan.
14, when CBS will allow viewers to vote in real time at or on Twitter
for an ending of the primetime drama Hawaii

The network is billing the effort as a first for a primetime

"I've always felt the most fun aspect of watching a mystery
is trying to figure out 'whodunit,'" noted executive producer Peter Lenkov in a
statement.  "Now the Hawaii Five-0
viewers will actually get the chance to tell us who they think committed the
crime and we will listen. I love that our dedicated and attentive fans will
actually play a part in resolving our story."

During the episode, investigators work to solve the death of
an O'ahu State University professor. Suspects include his boss, his teaching
assistant and a student that he busted for cheating.

After each of the suspect's motives are revealed during the
telecast, viewers will be directed to or Twitter to select either
#theBoss, #theTA or #theStudent as the culprit.

Based on those votes, the most popular ending will become
part of the broadcast.

As part of the effort, there will be separate voting for the
East/Central and Pacific Time Zone broadcasts. Once the broadcasts have aired,
all three possible endings will be available at