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CBS Lara Logan Gets Stateside Home

Lara Logan, CBS News' globe-trotting foreign correspondent, will have a new base of operations in Washington, D.C., the network announced Wednesday.

Logan, whose extensive reporting from war-torn Afghanistan and Iraq earned her numerous journalism awards, will become CBS News' chief foreign-affairs correspondent, expanding her reporting to foreign affairs and international security.

"Lara is among the most talented and respected journalists in our industry," CBS News president Sean McManus said in a statement. "She is extraordinarily determined and courageous but never fails to see and report the human side of conflict, including some of the most horrific stories of our time."

Although the new assignment gives Logan -- who grew up in South Africa and covered the bloody conflicts of Apartheid -- a home base, it by no means constitutes a grounding. She'll continue to travel extensively, filing pieces for CBS Evening News and also continuing to contribute to 60 Minutes.

Logan recently caused a stir with an appearance on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart where she criticized network news divisions -- including her own -- for cutting back on coverage of Iraq and Afghanistan.