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CBS Following Keller Fay’s New TotalSocial for TV

Keller Fay Group is launching TotalSocial for TV, a tracking system that measures online and offline conversations about primetime TV shows that is being used by CBS as the 2016-17 season starts.

Keller Fay, part of Engagement Labs, says the system provides information for comparing and combining online and offline comments and measures sentiment for conversations about TV shows. TotalSocial also offers diagnostic analysis about the shows it tracks.

“Over the years, Keller Fay has helped us understand how different the TV program conversation is offline versus the conversations on social networks,” said David Poltrack, chief research officer of CBS and president of CBS Vision. “With this new offering, CBS and others in the industry, who appreciate the importance of holistic measurement, will get a deep understanding of all the conversations happening around their programs, regardless of where these conversations take place. This will help our industry and our advertisers better understand exactly which TV shows have true social currency.”

TotalSocial for TV is a companion service to Engagement Labs’ broader TotalSocial system announced earlier this month, which covers a wide array of consumer brands in 17 categories, both in the U.S.  and U.K. markets.

"Television is a cornerstone of popular culture. People watch television programs because they are recommended by friends and family, and TV is often the topic of real time conversation on social media as well as water cooler conversation the next day. Only by measuring both can networks and advertisers understand what is driving viewer tune in and engagement.  We developed TotalSocial for TV to provide the industry with a comprehensive picture of all the conversations taking place about their content, regardless of where they take place,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs and the Keller Fay Group.