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Cavett Returns On TCM

Dick Cavett, the witty and literate 1970's late night talk show host, is returning to the TV talk chair September 7 with a newly produced hour interview with Mel Brooks for Turner Classic Movies.

That is by way of kicking off a series of eight original interviews from his 1970's show that TCM has acquired and will re-run every Thursday night through Nov. 2 as part of a Thursday night tribute to various movie stars or directors interviewed by Cavett in his aclaimed ABC late night show.

Using a similar spare set--a couple of chairs and a logo--Cavett catches up on Brooks' career--like theatrical superstardom--since their last interview 34 years ago.

Following the new Cavett interview with Brooks, succeeding "classic" shows will air each Thursday night at 8 and 11, all, including Brooks' new interview, will feature a film by the interview subject of the night sandwiched between the two inteview airings, then more films and documentaries.

For instance, the first classic show will be a 1971 interview with Woody Allen airing Sept. 14, followed by Bananas, a re-airing of the repeat, followed by Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, Annie Hall, and a documentary about Allen's work.

That pattern will be repeated with Robert Mitchum, Bette Davis, Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Groucho Marx and two interviews with Katherine Hepburn.

Cavett was one of TV's best listeners, often evoking more thoughtful sides of stars than in their "plug and Mug"the latest film" appearances on other talkers.