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Canoe Delivered 4% More VOD Ad Impressions in 2019

Canoe said that ad impressions in cable video-on-demand programming rose 4% to 27.3 billion in 2019.

The increase is smaller than in past years because most of the networks that Canoe inserts ads into are starting to hit their ceiling with available inventory on the platform, according to Chris Pizzurro, VP, global sales, at Canoe.

Owned by Comcast, Charter and Cox, Canoe covers 38 million homes with its dynamic ad insertion capabilities, up from 36 million a year ago, including homes served by Frontier Communications.

In 2019, 21% of Canoes impression came on devices other than set-top box connected TVs, up from 19% a year ago.

Canoe ran 10,071 campaigns--up from 7,476--of which 86% were for external advertisers and 14% were internal cable network tune-in and promotional spots. Last year, 82% of the campaigns were for external advertisers.

Of the external campaigns, 93% were the result of direct sales, while 7% took place in programmatic private marketplaces. In 2018, 9% were sold in private marketplaces.

In its year end report, Canoe said that VOD program averaged about 4 ad opportunities per mid-roll break, up from 3.89. They averaged 1.6 ads pre-roll, up from 1.57 and 1.5 post roll, up from 1.36.

Canoe noted that most campaigns take advantage of its ad frequency capping capability, limiting the number of times a viewer sees a particular commercial to two time per episode or movie. With the cap, 56% of viewers see an ad just once per episode, 29% see its twice and 10% see it three times with just 5% getting five impressions. Measured per week, 38% see an ad once, 25% see it twice, 14% see it three times and 23% see it four times.

Note: Pizzurro will be among the speakers at the Advanced Advertising Summit on March 24 in New York.