Cablevision Launches International Digital Channels

Cablevision has launched new nine in-language packages across its service area. The "iO International" networks are subscription-based digital channels in Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Hindi and other languages.

Offerings include "iO en espanol," more than 30-Spanish language channels; South Asian and Russian packages, each with several different channels, a Korean Language package with two channels and individual Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Brazilian channels. Pricing ranges from $4.95 to $29.94 for the different packages.

Cablevision is launching the channels using switched digital video, which enables extra bandwidth by activating video streams only when there is demand for them. iO International is the largest use of the technology ever in a single cable system, according to Cablevision.

With iO International, Cablevision is targeting an international audience that might already use its "Optimum Voice World Call" service, which enables up to 250 per month of calling anywhere in the world for a flat fee of $19.95.