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Cable Network Ad Rates Rising, Says SNL Kagan

Cable network advertising rates rose 4.8% in 2012, continuing a consistent ramp-up that began after the recession hurt ad prices in 2009.

According to research company SNL Kagan, cable networks last year attracted prices averaging $6.22 on a CPM (cost per one thousand viewers) basis over their full programming day. Those prices have risen four consecutive years, but they are still well below their broadcast counterparts, Kagan says.

Only 10 cable networks have CPMs of $10 or more, led by ESPN, which charges an average of $19.29 for commercials. That’s significantly higher than the network with the second-highest CPM, MTV, which gets $13.10 on average for its spots.

Kagan says that of the 10 networks with double-digit CPMs, six are full-time sports networks, while TBS, also in the top 10 also shows some sports programming.