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CAB: Cable Shows Tops in Multiscreen Usage

In a pre-upfront research report, the Cabletelevision
Advertising Bureau spells out increases in consumption of cable content and
brands across multiple screens.

According to the report, consumers spend more than 85 hours
per week with cable content on TV and the Internet, beating the 34 hours
consumers spend with broadcast content and the 24 hours consumers spend with
Facebook and the four top Internet portals.

Cable shows also account for 71% of the social-media
activity driven by the 20 most socially-active TV programs, the report says.
Broadcast represented 27% of the social activity of the top 20 shows, with pay
cable accounting for the remaining 2%. Basic cable shows accounted for 67% of
the social media reflecting positive sentiment.

That new media data comes on top of traditional ratings
dominance, according to the CAB, which says cable now accounts for 92% of the
total day salable ratings points, as well as 75% of ad supported primetime
ratings points.

there has been a perception that Cable brands were well-followed on the
Internet, Mobile and Social media, our ability to quantify their collective
size per screen and on combined screens has been a real eye-opener among our
customers; it's clear Cable owns the primary media relationship with the US
consumer by a wide margin," said CAB CEO and president Sean Cunningham.