CA Secretary of State Calls Out Hannity, Fox News

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen is using Sean Hannity and Fox News to try and stir up some fund raising, and also some publicity.

Bowen's campaign sent an email Thursday accusing Sean Hannity and Fox News of "rolling out the red carpet" for Republican Damon Dunn, who is looking to unseat the Democrat Bowen.

"Hannity has already broadcast two lengthy ‘infomercials' trying to sell Dunn to voters this week -- infomercials that come on the heels of the $1 million that Fox News' parent company contributed to the Republican Party to support right-wing candidates," Bowen campaign advisor Steve Barkan wrote.

In the call for campaign contributions, Barkan asks the public to "show Fox News and Sean Hannity that the people of California have the final say in this race."