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C-SPAN Will Not Employ Tape Delay On Live Call-In Shows

A C-SPAN spokesperson said Friday that it would "continue to monitor the situation" but that the cable public affair net has thus far opted not to employ a tape delay on its live call-in shows "as we hope to preserve the open nature of our town hall forum."

That came after three prank callers -- or caller -- this week maanged to weigh in on the size of Republican candidate Mitt Romney's penis before teh call was cut off. Twice it was questions to guests, followed by C-SPAN apologies, a third with host Paul Orgel, with the caller first asking innocently what could be one about the earlier "obscene" language -- Orgel said they try to cut the callers off "as best they can," before that caller finished up with an organ reference that got the hook.

C-SPAN spokesman Peter Kiley pointed out that the network takes some 38,000 calls a year, the overwhelming number of which are respectful, with "good questions and opinions," adding it was unfortubane that a few prank calls make it to air, as they did this week.

In other C-SPAN language news, the network was airing audiotapes Friday of the Jan. 10 Supreme Court oral argument on indecency on both C-SPAN Radio 4-5 p.m. and in prime time on C-SPAN at 8 p.m.

There will be no delay there either, and none needed since the language in court did not include explicit reference to the swearing at issue in the Fox case.