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C-SPAN Names Heirs Apparent To Lamb

C-SPAN is preparing a line of succession for Brian Lamb, the man who built the channel and has headed it for more than 25 years.

Billing it as "an important step towards an eventual transition to new corporate leadership," C-SPAN has promoted two long-time top executives to co-presidents of C-SPAN.

But Lamb remains chairman and CEO of the Washington-based cable industry-supported public affairs network he helped weave into the fabric of popular culture and the political life of the nation.

Kennedy and Swain had been executive VP's and chief operating officers. They both remain COO's.

Swain, a familiar on-air presence, oversees programming, operations, and marketing for C-SPAN TV and radio networks. Kennedy handles finance, engineering and technology, plus affiliate relations.

The appointments were voted on by C-SPAN's board last week.

C-SPAN launched its first channel in 1979 and has become must-see TV for political junkies. Lamb has headed up the channel since he put it together in 1978 while bureau chief for Titsch Publishing. That was a year after the House agreed to open up its proceedings to TV.