By the Numbers: Advertiser and Viewer Insights for ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Tucker Carlson’s misogynistic comments that recently came to light are just the latest in what seems to be an endless series of gaffes from public figures. As the backlash started to grow this week, we took a look at the advertisers for his Fox News show using data from TV ad measurement and attribution company, Also below: a snapshot of viewer trends courtesy of Inscape and social video analytics from Tubular Labs.

Overall, Tucker Carlson Tonight generated 2.18 billion TV ad impressions for Fox News from Jan. 1 through March 9, and 95% of the ad impressions came as live linear (vs. time-shifted). As a primetime show, Tucker Carlson Tonight is second on the network in terms of ad revenue generation, with an estimated $28 million earned year-to-date (approximately 14% of the network’s total).

My Pillow is far and away the largest advertiser, with nearly 28% of the show’s advertising inventory, followed by Jenny Craig and Sheex. When it comes to airtime for advertising, the show is dominated by other Fox News properties, from Hannity to Hannity’s satellite radio show to Fox’s streaming service, Fox Nation.

Inscape, the TV data company with glass-level insights from a panel of more than 10 million smart TVs, revealed other shows watched by Tucker Carlson Tonight viewers, on and off Fox News. Here’s a look at the non-Fox News shows this audience has also tuned into in the last 90 days:

Here’s a look at other shows watched including Fox News shows — which all top the list.

Social video analytics company Tubular Labs measured views across platforms for Tucker Carlson Tonight from Dec. 1 - March 10. The show primarily uses Facebook to reach fans online, with the platform accounting for nearly 95% of all social video views since Dec. 1. Notably, social video viewers of the show’s clips have been declining month-over-month, from 17.4 million in December to 12.4 million in February, with 4 million views so far in March. While Facebook and YouTube subscribers have been static over the last 90 days, Instagram and Twitter followers have increased.

The two most-watched videos from Tucker Carlson Tonight in the last 90 days are “Electronic Dogs” with 1.7 million views, 1.2 million of which occurred in the first three days according to Tubular’s V3 rating, and “TYPHUS ZONE” with 1.1 million and a V3 rating of 819K.