Bryan Cranston to Narrate H2's ‘BigHistory'

Fresh off his run as Walter White on AMC's Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has booked his next TV gig --
narrating H2's new series Big History.

Premiering Nov. 2 at 10 p.m., ET on H2, the 10-hour series aims to present a unified theory
of history. Each episode begins with one topic and attempts to connect it to
various fields of study. The series will run for 16 half-hour episodes with a
two-hour finale attempting to link them together.

"I was asked to be the voice of 13.7 billion years of
history," said Cranston, "Sure, I've got
the time - give or take a billion years. As I read the material, I realized
that this new series gives a surprising and unique look at our world. I'm
excited to be a part of it." 

Big History is produced in collaboration with Big
History Project - a free online course from Bill Gates and Professor David
Christian. The partnership couples online courses developed and designed by
Christian to reveal connections between different fields of study with the show.