Brown and Food Network Re-up for Another Three Years

Food Network president Brooke Johnson announced on Monday that the network and Alton Brown have reached a new three-year agreement.

"Alton has a loyal and passionate following and his programs draw legions of fans to our air. We are thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with Alton and tap into his creativity for producing original programming," said Johnson.

Along with looking to develop new series for the network, the creator of Good Eats is slated to appear in two episodes of Food Network Star, and begin filming for season four of The Next Iron Chef and season ten of Iron Chef America. Brown is also beginning production on a one-hour Thanksgiving special of Good Eats to air during the holiday season.

"I'm juiced to have an opportunity to continue the good work we've established over the last dozen years and to look ahead to new projects," said Brown.