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Broadcasting & Cable & Memories

Welcome to the 85th anniversary edition of Broadcasting & Cable. When the magazine originally known as Broadcasting published its first issue in 1931, the very concept of “televisual images” was known only to a select few, most of them wearing lab coats. Today, we embody our cover tagline mandate to explore “the business of television”—a mission that encompasses programming, advertising, distribution, finance, regulation, technology and more. Plenty of you have wondered when we may update our name in order to reflect how much bigger the TV world has gotten than our two legacy provinces. The answer is, we’ll consider doing so when anyone knows how to encapsulate something that mutates seemingly every week, otherwise we could run out of ampersands. Or risk being known as Broadcasting & Cable & Aereo.

In honor of this occasion, we are celebrating the number 85 in all its many manifestations. Accordingly, the section that follows includes the top 85 shows of the year, a look at the #85 local broadcast market and the members of our “85 and Up” list of outstanding TV personalities both behind and in front of the camera. We also include a brief, illustrated history of the magazine’s evolution and a timeline of industry milestones. Enjoy the look back at our history. We have thrived longer in the media marketplace than many, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the full spectrum of the TV industry.

B&C at 85: Pointing With Pride
DMA #85 Syracuse, N.Y.
85 Years of Broadcasting Milestones
The Top 85 Shows on Broadcast and Cable TV
Ones for the Ages