Bright House Takes Advantage of Netflix/TWC Agreement

Bright House Networks is taking advantage of a paid interconnection agreement between Time Warner Cable and Netflix that is boosting the quality of Netflix streams delivered to consumers over  Bright House's network.  

According to Netflix, the company has not inked a direct deal with Bright House Networks, but noted that Bright House is benefiting from the interconnection deal originally signed between Netflix and Time Warner Cable. This story originally said that Bright House and Netflix had inked a separate paid interconnection agreement.

The results of that work were clearly apparent following the release of Netflix’s ISP Speed Index for the month of September. Among the 16 major U.S. ISPs tracked by Netflix, Bright House jumped five spots in September to number four overall – delivering an average Netflix stream of 2.99 Mbps for the month, versus 2.58 Mbps in August.   

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