Bravo Online Initiatives Seek Viewer Input

Bravo Media wants to know what its core audience wants to watch.

The programmer announced a new two-part initiative Monday, which it said it “created in an effort to give the network's core audience content in tune with what they want and to build a network of ambassadors for the brand.”

The Bravo "B-Hive" is an online program that creates customized viewing parties for fans complete with sweepstakes and exclusive content.

And Bravo "Influentials" is a community of the network’s viewers who will provide feedback and opinions via regular polling.

Bravo said it will kick off B-Hive with the fifth season of reality hit Project Runway, adding that the network will team up with Bluefly to offer a sweepstakes to participants where they can win a $1,000 shopping spree and the chance to have an alumnus of Project Runway attend their viewing party.

As for Influentials, participants will be rewarded through exclusive contests, prizing and behind-the-scenes information, and Bravo said feedback generated from its polls will be used to develop its overall strategy for upcoming programming and initiatives.

"Bravo's core strategy for the future is to build up brand ambassadors by word of mouse," senior vice president of new media and digital strategy Lisa Hsia said in a statement. "By going beyond the television screen and directly into the audience's world, Bravo will be able to grow its user base and create programming and content that our audience actually wants, will use and consume. This initiative allows them to experience Bravo on-air, online and at home, so they can essentially have real life interaction with our brand."