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Bravo Launches New Twitter Initiative

Bravo is expanding its social media initiatives with @BravoTV, an interactive tool that allows fans to engage in opinion and conversations about Bravo shows as well as track network celebrities on Twitter, the network announced Tuesday.

@BravoTV is broken up into three parts with the goal of allowing fans to have watercooler chats online 24/7.

The "Just Saying" feature allows fans to give feedback on their favorite shows. "Tweet Battles" lets fans challenge each other to one-one-one debate on a hot topics related to Bravo shows while other fans comment on the battle. The site also features a "Tweet Tracker" which measures buzz and tracks the activity of Bravo celebrities on Twitter.

"Bravo's audience is highly engaged, so being at the forefront of the digital universe is important to us," said Bravo Digital Media Senior VP Lisa Hsia, in a statement. "We wanted to create a place where fans can engage 24/7 about our brand."

The television network will incorporate the new interactive site by having some of the best tweets from the audience and  Bravo celebrities appear on-air.