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‘Bizarre Foods’ Back on Travel Channel July 3

Bizarre Foods, with host Andrew Zimmern checking out peculiar victuals around the globe, returns on Travel Channel Tuesday, July 3. There are seven episodes in the new season.

It will be season 12 of Bizarre Foods.

In the season premiere, Zimmern rides the last 200 miles of the Pony Express Trail to its terminus in Sacramento, tasting the foods the Pony Express riders would have eaten, like son-of-a-gun-stew, fire-roasted duck hearts, boiled elk tongue and pine nut soup.

This season, Zimmern also samples deer haggis while traveling in the footsteps of Scottish war icon William Wallace in Scotland, squirrel and pond frogs along the escape route of the Underground Railroad in northern Kentucky and authentic World War II rations on the Battle of the Bulge site in Belgium.

“This season of Bizarre Foods offers up some of the best storytelling I can remember, with amazing characters who honor their local food customs in unique and delicious ways,” said Zimmern. “Being able to take viewers inside these worlds is what makes this collection of episodes so exciting for me.”

Bizarre Foods is produced by Tremendous! Entertainment for Travel Channel. For Tremendous!, the executive producers are Colleen Needles Steward, Shannon Keenan Demers, Matthew Hobin and Andrew Zimmern. For Travel Channel, the executive producer is Charles Nordlander.