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‘Big Lake’ To Hit Comedy Central This Fall

Big Lake is the title of the new Will
Ferrell-produced sitcom coming to Comedy Central in the third quarter of this

Big Lake -- produced by Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris
Henchy and their production company, Gary Sanchez' Productions -
will be distributed domestically by Debmar-Mercury. The show was sold to Comedy
Central based on a model established by Tyler Perry and his comedy, House of
. Comedy Central will give Big Lake a ten-episode test run. If
it's successful and Comedy Central decides to pick up an additional 90
episodes, Debmar-Mercury will take it to broadcast TV stations as an off-net
sitcom targeted to debut in fall 2012.

Wednesday (May 12), Debmar-Mercury's parent company,
Lionsgate, said it had secured the show's international distribution

Big Lake stars Chris Gethard -- who replaced Napoleon
's Jon Heder - and Saturday Night Live's Chris
Parnell and Horatio Sanz. Gethard plays a young man who's still managing
to dream big dreams while he lives at home and sleeps on his parents'
couch. Parnell and Sanz are the childhood friends Gethard schemes with, and
they all live in their hometown of Big Lake.