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BET Celebrating Obama Win

On the day following the historic Election Day 2008, BET Networks is suspending all regular programming and replacing it with speeches by Barack Obama, along with live news coverage, viewer call-ins, celebrity appearances and more.

Special celebrity guests will include Russell Simmons, Cedric The Entertainer, and Kerry Washington, among others, in its effort to offer its audience an in-depth and extensive view into Obama's journey to the White House.

"This is the most historic moment in my lifetime, in my children's lifetimes, in many of our viewers' lifetimes," said Debra L. Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BET Networks, in a statement.

"There will be a Black family in the White House, and that's a testament to and a reflection on those who have fought the good fight before us. It's a celebration of everyone, everywhere – black, white, brown, male, female, straight, gay – who banded together, made their voices heard, and voted for change."