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Best Damn Male Model Period

Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period will partner with Haggar clothing for a product placement consisting of five-minute segments on the show featuring male models battling for the prize of becoming the new face--and body--of Haggar.

The plugs will be in the form of five week's worth of five-minute battles, "A Gentleman's Disagreement," on each show in which eight male models will go chiseled chin to touseled head in competitions like--if there are competitions like--laundry dunk, shocking questions, lawnmower jousting, and paintball---all the while decked out in Haggar's finest.

The point, in addition to picking the Haggar man, is to show how rugged its clothes are. "It's gonna get a good looking sort of way," said Haggar Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Croncota.