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‘Bering Sea Gold’ Starts on Discovery May 15

The new season of Bering Sea Gold premieres on Discovery May 15. The unscripted show features miners seeking out the gold buried in and around the Bering Sea in Alaska. The season was set to start April 1 but was pushed back.

“This season the hunt for gold in Nome intensifies as the dawn of the mega-dredge battles between Shawn and Ken erupts on the Bering Sea. Meanwhile, the small dredge captains, Kris and Emily, adventure to treacherous new, untapped mining grounds in search of bigger gold discoveries, and Vernon Adkison makes a comeback with his new gold ship,” said Discovery.

The new season features Emily Riedel, captain of The Eroica, bringing diver Daryl Galipeau back into the game. Kris Kelly looks to expand his empire, and Vernon Adkison is exploring with his daughter Elaine.

The new season also sees the miners diving under a sheet of ice atop the Bering Sea.

Bering Sea Gold is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions, a Fremantle company. For Original Productions, executive producers are Jeff Hasler, Brian Lovett, Ernie Avila, Jeff Meredith and Dave Freed. For Discovery Channel, executive producers are Todd Lefkowitz and John Slaughter.

The show has had 18 seasons.