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Beamly Says Usage Rises As Social TV Platform

Since second-screen application Zeebox rebranded as social TV platform Beamly, usage has grown sharply, the company says.

Beamly says it had 3 million users in June, triple the number in the first quarter, and that users continue to grow 30% per month.

Users visit 5.4 times per week, compared to 2.7 times before the rebrand and the average length per session has growth to 28 minutes.

Beamly hopes the added traffic will translate into higher advertising revenues. Advertising on Beamly content about television shows is sold by TV networks, with Beamly getting a percentage. Beamly has agreements with Viacom, NBCUniversal and Discovery Communications.

“Now over 60% of Beamly’s user base is under 30. These super fans who love TV and pop culture have been engaging heavily with us – not just as a second screen app, but a 24/7 offering which mirrors TV viewers’ emotional engagement with their favorite shows and celebrities across the day” said Jason Forbes, U.S. managing director of Beamly.