Beachfront, Beeswax Using LiveRamp to Buy CTV Ads

Ad-Tech companies Beachfront, Beeswax and LiveRamp said they have worked together on a way to protect privacy in a post-cookie world and still target viewers viewing on connected television.

The approach uses LiveRamp’s Identity Link as a way to use first-party data without sharing it with buyers and sellers of ad inventory. Instead buys are based on LiveRamp segments.

Cookies, long used in digital media as a way to identify what individual users are interested in, are no longer being used by Google and other publishers in order to comply with stricter privacy regulations.

“The cookieless future presents the ecosystem with an incredible opportunity to build a better infrastructure for the open internet, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with partners to move beyond the cookie,” said Travis Clinger, VP of global strategy and partnerships at LiveRamp.

“We’ve built a solution that helps publishers and brands transact decisively and confidently against specific audiences across screens without compromising reach, accuracy, or privacy. Now, we’re extending this value proposition to advertisers looking to maximize the value of their ad spend across digital, mobile, and CTV with our partners at Beeswax and Beachfront,” Clinger said.

Daniel Church, director of programmatic at Beachfront said using LiveRamp identities means the industry can focus on one way of transacting on data-enabled ad buys, particularly in the fast growing connected TV market.

“This allows for us to capitalize on the connected TV market even more so,” Church said. “There is a lot of fragmentation on how people are targeting this inventory.”

What Beachfront is doing with Beeswax, it could do with other demand side platforms. And once the DSP is connected, Beachfront is unaware of what data or targets advertisers on its platform are using. “”We just see them buying inventory,” he said.

The new system is up and running. “They have buyers who are in the testing mode right now,” Church said.

Beachfront expects that using LiveRamp to handle data will drive more demand.

“Allowing us to make it easier for people to buy the inventory that they’re looking for means more demand will flow through our pipes. And it will be easier for us to on board more supply from our existing partners and also new partners that are looking to take advantage of this,” Church said.

Jon Lafayette

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