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BBC America ‘Preys’ for Hit From Across Pond

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BBC Americahas brought British drama Prey stateside. Set in Manchester, the fidgety-camera thriller depicts a grim female detective chasing down a constable colleague charged with the murder of his family. Brit culture doesn’t always play in the States, but creator Chris Lunt says a good man-against-world story will fly anywhere. “Thrillers are kind of a universal language,” he said. “We can all get behind the idea of an innocent man being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit.”

Working in Lunt’s favor, he learned his craft from watching—and studying—American crime dramas such as 24, Boardwalk Empire and The Shield. “I’m told I write more like an American drama writer than a British drama writer,” he says.

The six-episode series previously aired on ITV. A new season is a possibility. “I don’t want to keep doing the same thing,” says Lunt, “but my relationship with ITV is great, and potentially there’s a new take on it, perhaps.”