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Ballet Series ‘On Pointe’ on Disney Plus Dec. 18

'On Pointe' on Disney Plus
(Image credit: Disney Plus)

On Pointe, an unscripted series about School of American Ballet in New York, premieres on Disney Plus Dec. 18. From Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, the show captures a season of the ballet school, as the students, ages 8 to 18, rehearse for George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. 

There are six episodes. 

The series is produced by Imagine Documentaries and DCTV, with Grazer, Howard, Sara Bernstein and Justin Wilkes executive producing from Imagine Entertainment; and Matthew O’Neill doing so for DCTV. Larissa Bills directs and produces. 

On Pointe offers a unique look at children from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds going through rigorous training and hoping to emerge as ballet’s very best. “It’s magical to watch their excitement and their anticipation and their nervousness,” Bernstein told B+C. “And also their professionalism.”