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Audience Network Preps Final Season of ‘Kingdom’

The third season of Kingdom debuts on AT&T Audience Network May 31. It’s also the final season, wrapping up the goings-on of the Kulina family at the heart of this mixed martial arts drama. Byron Balasco, the creator, said it’s the best season yet. “We’re bringing the principal characters back together,” he said, for an “emotional culmination.”

The new season has Talia Shire of Rocky popping up as the mother of main character Alvey.

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While MMA is a major part of the series, Kingdom is, in Balasco’s words, a “straight character drama” looking into the complicated lives of Alvey, who runs the Navy St. Gym in Venice, Calif., and his sons, Nate (played by Nick Jonas) and Jay (played by Jonathan Tucker).

Balasco calls his time with Audience Network the best creative experience he’s had in his career. “I have full control of the show,” he said. “There’s no creative interference from the network.”