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AT&T Offers Cross-Platform Ad Effectiveness Metrics

AT&T AdWorks said it is working with comScore to help clients measure the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns running on TV and online.

“Advertisers are always looking for ways to measure ROI on their media spend,” Mike Welch, president, AT&T AdWorks, said in a statement. “With these new capabilities, our clients will be able to determine the effectiveness of their AT&T U-Verse TV advertising based on a lift in sales or increased web traffic.”

AT&T AdWorks and comScore are using a blind match process to anonymously link advertisements served to AT&T U-verse TV subscribers to in-store purchase behavior and website visits.

“The ability to link TV ad exposure to in-store sales performance and online behavior helps advertisers know how well their campaigns are working,” said Joan FitzGerald, senior vice president of TV & cross-media solutions at comScore. “By understanding how media exposure influences cross-channel behavior, advertisers can gain new insight into how they can maximize the effectiveness of their spend.”

The companies say that advertisers who purchase media on AT&T U-verse TV can now associate television ad exposure with either in-store sales data or online website visitation data.

AT&T AdWorks is able to associate and analyze viewership data from more than 15 million U-verse set-top boxes with insights from third-party purchase data providers to demonstrate the impact of television advertising exposure in driving sales when compared to a control group. The purchase data match will be conducted by a third-party provider using anonymized data.

For online sales, comScore will associate website visitation information to television advertising exposure, the companies said.  The advertiser embeds a comScore generated pixel on its website to allow for census-level traffic measurement. Site visitation will then be associated with anonymized U-verse set-top box data to produce aggregate reports.