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AT&T Expands Football in Uber Car Promotion

AT&T says it is expanding its college football promotion offering fans free rides with Uber cars outfitted with hot spots and streaming tablets so they can watch games while on the move.

Viewers will be able to use AT&T’s new over-the-top streaming service DirecTV Now in the Uber cars when the service launches in the fourth quarter.

AT&T says the promotion supports AT&T’s sponsorship of the SEC championship and the college football national championship.

In addition to Uber’s passenger service, AT&T is also working with UberEats, which delivers food to tailgating fans.

The free ride will be available in 11 markets over the course of the season, starting in Orlando on Sept. 10. Other markets are Columbus, Ohio; San Francisco; Boulder, Colo.; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Dallas; Seattle; Atlanta; Pittsburgh; Atlanta again where the SEC championship will be held in December, and Tampa Bay, where the national championship game will be played.