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ATSC Names New Chair of TG1 Tech & Standards Group

Michael Dolan, founder and president of the Television Broadcast Technology consulting group, has been named chair of the Advanced Television Systems committee technology and standards group 1 (TG1).

That is one of two groups working on both improvements to the existing broadcast TV standard and on new standards. TG1 is focused on the former, including non-real-time caching, enhanced guides, audience measurement and conditional access, all things that would make over-the-air broadcasting more competitive with MVPD functionality.

Dolan has been associated with Nielsen, so the audience measurement part is squarely in his wheelhouse. But then so are a lot of other things.

According to ATSC, Dolan currently chairs the ATSC Data Broadcasting Specialist Group (TG1/S13), cochairs the Consumer Electronics Association working groups on digital closed captioning and internet captions, cochairs the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers committee on file formats and systems, cochairs the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem/Ultraviolet Technical Working Group, and is a member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers and World Wide Web Consortium.