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Animal Planet to Document Levison Wood's Nile Walk

Animal Planet announced Thursday that it is partnering with the U.K.'s Channel 4 to broadcast expedition leader, writer and photographer Levison Wood’s year-long challenge to become the first person to successfully walk the entire length of the River Nile.

October Films is commissioned to produce the special, Walking the Nile (wt), that will air in the U.S. in Winter 2015. The project will be aired as a two-hour special on Animal Planet and a four-part series on Channel 4.

“As Levison departs, we’re delighted that Animal Planet is backing such an ambitious project," said executive producer of the special, Adam Bullmore. "Walking the Nile will take Animal Planet’s viewers into the very heart of Levison’s adventure – encountering through his unprecedented challenge the amazing landscapes, unrivalled wildlife and inspiring humanity that is unique to modern Africa.”

The announcement comes just as Wood begins his 4,250 mile expedition, as he walks to the source of the Nile in the dense forests of Rwanda. The trip is being filmed by Wood himself, with visits at key points from an October Films production crew.