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AmericanLife TV Sets George Carlin Tribute

AmericanLife TV, the Washington, D.C.-based channel targeted toward Baby Boomers, put together a tribute to the late George Carlin to air July 7.

In the show, which assembles clips from Carlin's regular appearances on 1970s musical-variety series The Tony Orlando & Dawn Rainbow Hour, the comedian shares "the humor he found in everyday words and situations," the channel said in announcing the special

Carlin famously found humor in the words you can't say on TV, but those will not be among them. This is "all 'G' rated," ALN vice president of programming Mark Ringwald said, "and so it's a perfect way for the entire family to enjoy his unique sense of humor."

Among the clips, the network said, is a routine on the death of comics -- "When comedians do well, they 'kill,'" Carlin observed. "When they do poorly, they 'die.'" -- that ALN decided would be a "fitting" final clip for the show.