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AmericanLife TV Launches Baby Boomer Baby Campaign

AmericanLife TV, the Washington, D.C.-based baby boomer-targeted cable network, launched a new ad campaign with the children of famous boomers, plus a flower-child logo to help capture that spirit.

The "I'm a Baby of a Baby Boomer" campaign was conceived by iconic ad man George Lois with an assist from channel head Larry Meil. It comprises 30-second cable spots and a print component that will feature the children of Joe Namath, Susan Sarandon, Patti Lupone and a handful of others talkin' with their parents about their generation.

The new logo uses the power of the iconic flower, the yellow daisy, which symbolized a time of peace and Haight (as in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury).

AmericanLife, which splashed the daisies all over its site Friday, mixes classic reruns -- Mission Impossible, Batman, Hill Street Blues -- with original lifestyle programming and socially conscious specials like A Journey to Darfur and Poverty in America.