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Alicia Keys Gets Week-Long Residency on ‘The Late Late Show’

(Image credit: CBS)

Alicia Keys will have a week-long residency on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS starting Sept. 21. Playing live, Keys will perform one song each night from her new album “Alicia.” The audience will remain in their cars at the Television City complex in Los Angeles. Keys will also appear in-studio for various segments on the show throughout the week. 

Keys was The Late Late Show guest host Dec. 9. 

“Alicia Keys is one of the most iconic stars in the world,” said executive producers Ben Winston and Rob Crabbe. “She is also part of the Late Late family. So we are over the moon she is joining us for our first-ever outdoor drive-in shows at our home of Television City, in a week-long residency. We can’t wait.”