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Aleck Schleider

BACKGROUND: A passionate data guru with deep digital roots, Aleck Schleider joined Videology, the advanced-advertising software firm, in 2011 after serving as VP of digital ad products at Forbes. He started his career in product marketing at Advertising. com, which pioneered the application of data to digital media for smarter targeting and measurable return on investment. At Videology, he was instrumental in orchestrating a groundbreaking integration with Nielsen that provided the foundation for its current converged TV and video data solutions. The 1:1 panelist-match integration with Nielsen is crucial to Videology’s cross-screen media products. Schleider’s work laid the foundation for the company’s cross-screen device graph, enabling Videology to look at audiences across all channels and devices.

2017 HIGHLIGHTS: “In 2017, the device graph was completed,” Schleider says. Videology completed integration with Tru Optik’s audience measurement and data management platform, taking Videology’s targetable, connected-TV universe to 100 million households, or 85% of all connected- TV homes. “It really is around understanding the homes, the devices in the homes and the content being consumed by those devices, anything from a TV to a mobile phone or a smart TV or an over-the-top device,” he says. “We really are getting a full purview of the household, and the devices in the household, how they’re consuming video content and any attributes associated with those users or devices or households.”

WHAT’S AHEAD: “What’s ahead is the further adoption of holistic planning, holistic buying and measurement,” Schleider says, working on top of traditional TV buys. A traditional TV campaign aimed at women ages 25-54 can reach 65-70% of that audience over the course of a month, but 40% of that reach is someone being exposed one time, he said. Adding in ads targeted to digital devices increases frequency of ad exposure in addition to reach.

Kent Gibbons
Kent Gibbons

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