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Al Roker Reporting On Gun Crime For MSNBC

NBC Today anchor Al Roker is trading in his weatherman hat for a flak jacket for a new MSNBC documentary Al Roker Reporting: Armed In America.

The doc will follow Roker as he goes behind the scenes at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to “investigate the reality of gun crime and the dangerous work of those trying to stop it.”

Roker is no stranger when it comes to producing compelling footage about crime and the people looking to stop it. Roker’s production company, Al Roker Entertainment, produces DEA for Spike TV, a show that examines the daily goings on at that federal agency. Al Roker Entertainment is also producing the MSNBC documentary.

Armed in America will be the first in a series of investigative documentaries hosted by Roker, with others appearing on the network in coming months.