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AlJazeeraPresses Case For U.S. Carriage

It appears to
be a case of striking while the issue is hot.

One way the English-language version of Al Jazeera is trying to capitalize
on its newfound prominence is by encouraging Web surfers to demand MVPD
coverage of the channel.

It's Web site,
which has been drawing traffic to live streamed coverage of the conflict in
Egypt, is sporting a banner that reads "Demand Al Jazeera in the
USA" and links to a form e-mail that can be addressed to cable and
satellite carriers.

The e-mail

"Available in more than 100
countries and nearly 140 million households around the world, Al Jazeera
has quickly been recognized as a
valuable, groundbreaking network that provides unparallel coverage of some of
the most important and under covered
regions in the world.

"However, mainstream North American
audiences remain in the dark. In a world that is growing increasingly
smaller and more interconnected each
day, it is more important than ever to have full access to news from
around the world.

"Al Jazeera English is
dedicated to providing a voice to the voiceless, and now you have the
opportunity to
have your voice heard. Email, call, fax
or write your cable or satellite operator now to demand that they carry
Al Jazeera English. Your voice
truly matters."

Analysts arguecarriage could still be tough sledding given capacity constraints that have
cable operators looking to pare channels, not add them.

The channel is
also asking fans to hold "meetups" Feb. 10 where they can get
together and call for carriage on their cable or satellite system.