#AdvancedAd 2016: Small Ad Loads in TV's Big Picture

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New York – Thanks to ad-blocking tech, ad-skipping DVRs, and ad-free SVOD services or options from OTT services such as Netflix and Hulu, avoiding advertising has never been easier for the consumer, a trend that obviously does not bode well for the future of the TV ad model.

But TV’s ad future, particularly in an on-demand world, doesn’t have to be a bleak one, if the industry can come up with ways to reduce heavy ad loads in a way that is more tolerable to the viewer.

“I think the promise of advanced advertising is not to make more money; the promise of advanced advertising is to make the same money with a lot less ads,” Joe Marchese, president of advanced advertising products at Fox Networks Group and the founder of true[X], said during a keynote chat Tuesday at the Multichannel News/Broadcasting & Cable Advanced Advertising and Measurement Summit.

Marchese, of course, sees the true[X] platform, acquired by Fox in 2014, playing a key part in that future by making ads more immersive, interactive and engaging.

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