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Ad Prices Down for Most NFL Broadcasters

Prices for commercials on NFL broadcasts are down 6.7% in the scatter market, where advertisers buy spots on a quarter-by-quarter basis, according to data from research company SQAD.

With the National Anthem controversy, key players being injured and lower ratings, the NFL, long TV’s top draw, might be losing some of its appeal to advertisers, the new data suggests.

SQAD says that so far this season, among the networks that carry NFL games, only NBC is showing an increase over last year in commercial prices. Spots on NBC are selling for between $716,489 and $878,778 for 30 seconds, an increase of 13.75% from last year.

Despite the gains at NBC, across all networks that carry the NFL, spot prices are down 6.7% compared to a year ago.

Spots on CBS's NFL games were down 19.16% to a range of $313,847 to $366,965. On ESPN, unit costs on Monday Night Football were down 15.67% to a range of $262,905 to $319,0868.

SQAD said it draws its data from the invoices of major advertisers.