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Acne Ads Vanish From MTV's ‘Skins'

Mainstream advertisers continued to shun MTV's controversial
new series Skins, including two
former advertisers, Proactiv, an acne treatment that publicly asked MTV to keep
its ads off the show, and Clearasil, another acne treatment, which said its
policy was to run ads whenever there was free time.

The only product advertised on last night's episode was Red
Bull energy drink, which also appeared on the show's second episode. The
remaining ads were for movies and video games and other shows on MTV. There was
also a spot for Fox's new comedy Traffic

The show, which focuses on the drug habits and sexual
activities of teenagers, played by underage actors, has been dumped by several
marketers who encountered pressure after advertising in its premiere episode, including
Taco Bell, General Motors, H&R Block, Subway, L'Oreal and Schick.

The Parents Television Council calls Skins "the most dangerous show" for children ever aired on
television, and has asked its members to contact advertisers including
Clearasil last week. The PTC has also asked government officials to investigate
the show for violating child pornography laws.

Skins opened with
big ratings, drawing 3.3 million viewers in its debut, thanks to a lead in of a
special new episode of Jersey Shore.
Ratings have been falling ever since.

Despite the loss of advertisers and viewers, MTV executives
have stood by the show and dismissed speculation that it might be canceled or
pushed into a later time slot.