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ABC Using 4C Insights to Evaluate Campaigns

ABC said it will work with research company 4C Insights to use social activity to measure the way ad campaigns affect the relationship between viewers and brands.

ABC and 4C conducted a number of successful tests before expanding their relationship. Those tests showed that three days after brands were integrated into ABC telecasts, 4C found a five to fifteen times increase in social affinity for those brands, compared to three days prior.

“We believe there is tremendous upside in better understanding the relationship between how audiences engage with programs and brands - that’s what we love about 4C’s focus,” Adam Gerber, VP of sales development and marketing for ABC, said in a statement.  “We are using 4C to design better sponsorship opportunities and showcase value delivered through increased social affinity. It’s a big win for ABC and for our clients.”

The two companies plan to develop syndicated tools that will help bridge viewers’ social activity with TV advertising offerings in an actionable way.  During that time, ABC will be the exclusive broadcaster working with 4C.

"As a company focused on social data, it was critical for us to work with a leader in the television industry who wanted to innovate, collaborate, and ultimately create something with the potential to change the industry,” said Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C. “ABC has been all of that and more – their involvement has helped us progress rapidly and we're excited to grow the relationship further."