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ABC Not Betting Farm on Grey's

ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson on Tuesday took his turn in the expectations-lowering game taking place with CBS over the Thursday-night battle that will take place this fall between CSI and the relocated Grey’s Anatomy.

Over the weekend, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler volleyed first, trying to cast her show as almost an underdog due to the hype surrounding Grey’s.

On Tuesday morning, McPherson laughed at idea.

"I heard Nina was playing the rope-a-dope," McPherson told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour. "It’s kind of funny. CSI has dominated the night; they are the champions. We are coming on with a strong contender, but we are just hoping to do some business there."


makes its Thursday debut on Sept. 21 at 9, after ABC moved the hit show from its plush post-Desperate Housewives slot on Sundays in attempt to get into the high-stakes Thursday-night ratings game.