ABC News Taps Matthew Dowd for Election Year

ABC News tapped former Bush campaign strategist Matthew Dowd to be an on-air contributor and blogger for the 2008 election year.

Dowd began his ABC News gig Friday with an introductory blog post and appearances on Good Morning America and broadband channel ABC News Now.

Dowd’s hiring was first reported Friday in The Washington Post.

In Friday morning’s blog post, “Faith: Finding an Authentic Place to Call Home,” Dowd wrote that the topic was a good place to start “since it takes a lot of faith on ABC News' part to give me a platform to say what's on my mind.”

A longtime Texas Democrat who crossed party lines to help George W. Bush win two White House terms, Dowd publicly broke with the president earlier this year over the war in Iraq, where his 22-year-old enlisted son is to be deployed.