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ABC Links Shows With Custom Creative for Google’s Pixel 4

ABC has started running a series of custom spots for the Pixel 4 phone’s new Google Assistant.

Working with Google, ABC has created custom content that takes plot points from its series and shows how Google Assistant could have helped the characters.

TV networks have been beefing up their creative capabilities to produce branded content that helps advertisers brands break through the clutter and appeal the fans of the show. The contextual linkage is designed to grab viewers attention and reinforce the brand message.

In one example, a character from the sitcom Single Parents discovers she has a possum in her home during the show. The commercial break following that revelation features custom content illustrating how the character could use Google Assistant to ask her friend Poppy what to do and to call animal control. After that, a commercial for the Pixel 4 runs.


“We are excited to team up with ABC Disney to bring the helpfulness of the Pixel 4 featuring the new Google Assistant to life, through entertaining vignettes that reimagine how Google can help these characters during everyday moments,” said Zach Overton, Google's director of U.S. consumer marketing, Pixel. “Google is the world's most helpful brand, and to launch the Pixel 4, we were looking for our marketing to be just that: helpful.”

The Walt Disney Co., ABC’s parent, works with Google on advertising sales. Last year, it made a deal establishing Google Ad Manager as its main technology stack for managing and selling its digital ad inventory.

The custom content started airing earlier this month and will run through the end of November. ABC also has created content linked to scenes from How to Get Away with Murder and Stumptown.

“These series of custom content embody just how seamlessly brands can be integrated into Disney’s world-class storytelling,” said Marco Forte, senior VP at Disney Advertising Sales. “This innovative and creative integration allows Google to introduce a new product in an entertaining and targeted way that resonates with audiences.”

PHD is Google's media agency for the Pixel phone.