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ABC Family-Freeform Switch Happens Jan. 12

ABC will officially become Freeform Jan. 12, the same day as the season premiere of hit series Pretty Little Liars and series premiere of Shadowhunters. The name Freeform, according to ABC Family, speaks to the network’s ongoing priority to superserve Becomers—fans on that epic adventure of becoming an adult, a life stage that spans people who are ages 14-34.”

Freeform is inspired by “the interconnection between content and audience; media and technology; interactive and linear; life stage and lifestyle, and the way Becomers interact with them all,” added the network.

“The Freeform brand represents the passion, fun, energy and new ideas that infuse young adulthood,” said ABC Family president Tom Ascheim. “We’ve been evolving naturally for a while now, so it’s time that our name reflects the true essence of our brand. We are excited to take our network in some new directions and continue to evolve alongside culture while delivering those favorite shows our viewers already love.”