ABC Acquires Blood Diamond Miniseries

ABC has acquired the rights to Diamonds, a miniseries following the effects of the blood diamond trade on a global scale.

The series was produced by Alchemy Television and Sienna Films for Canada’s CBC, and is being sold globally.

In a concept similar to the feature film Traffic, which examined the drug trade, Diamonds weaves together five storylines to form the plot, focusing on the daughter of a U.S. Senator who is murdered at a diamond mine in Sierra Leone.

“Diamonds, while not funded out of the US market, is a Hollywood event limited series from start to finish, especially with its stellar ensemble including Judy Davis who won an Emmy for the last role she played which aired on ABC, Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows,” said Carrie Stein, CEO of Alchemy Television in a statement.  
Diamonds will debut on ABC in May.