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'60 Minutes' Responds to Lance Armstrong Lawyers

CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager responded Wednesday to a claim
from Lance Armstrong's lawyers' that Scott Pelley's 60 Minutes report that alleged the cyclist used performance-enhancing
drugs was "shoddy."

"60 Minutes stands
by its story as truthful, accurate and fair," said Fager, who is also
executive producer of the program. "Lance Armstrong and his lawyers were
given numerous opportunities to respond to every detail of
our reporting for weeks prior to the broadcast and their written
responses were fairly and accurately included in the story."

The statement goes on to refute points the lawyers' letter
claimed were incorrect while pointing out three inaccuracies in the letter's
recollection of the report.

"Mr. Armstrong's lawyers claim our story was "shoddy," while we found at least three inaccuracies in their letter: They claimed that 60 Minutes reported the meeting took place at the Swiss lab; they claimed that 60 Minutes reported the meeting took place in 2001; and they claimed that 60 Minutes said it was a "secret" meeting," Fager said in the statement. "All three are wrong."

Armstrong's lawyers had yesterday demanded an on-air apology
for the report saying it was "recklessly presented" and that facts were taken
out of context.