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60 Minutes Keeps Ticking: A Multiplatform Special Report

60 Minutes Keeps Ticking

40 years into a historic run, the CBS newsmagazine continues to strive and thrive.>>>

60 Minutes: A Dozen Iconic Moments

Looking back at stories that gave the show its charm, reputation and bite.>>>

In Their Own Words: 60 Minutes Correspondents Speak
60 Minutes is about risk, rewards and standards.>>>

Ever Wonder About Andy Rooney?

The odd and picayune thoughts of 60 Minutes' resident curmudgeon.>>>

The 60 Minutes Black Eye: The Jeffrey Wigand Interview

There have been a few notable misfires on 60 Minutes, and probably the most famous was the mishandling of the story of Jeffrey Wigand's attempt to take on Big Tobacco. It's a saga that eventually gained even greater notoriety with the making of the movie The Insider.>>>

Spoils of War: A Video Tour of Lara Logan's Office

On the door to Lara Logan's office at 60 Minutes hangs a sign with words of welcome in Arabic and English: "Caution. Stay back 100 meters or you will be shot." Well, you know what they say: You can take the correspondent out of the war zone, but you can't take the war zone out of the correspondent..>>>

60 Minutes Web Extras:

A 60 Minutes Time Line

A look at important dates in the 40-year history of CBS’ 60 Minutes.>>>

60 Minutes: How We Saw It

Paging through B&C archives to get a clearer view of the show’s power.>>>

The 60 Minutes Clock, Through the Years

CBS' 60 Minutes is celebrating 40 years on the air and, as the show has evolved, so has its signature clock logo.>>>

Hidden Cameras and The Mirage

In 1977, investigate reporter Pam Zekman convinced the Chicago Sun-Times to buy a bar, devilishly named The Mirage. She wanted to expose the sordid corruption among Chicago city inspectors and law enforcement and document the payoffs to city officials that the bar would be forced to make.>>>

Fighting for Justice: Lenell Geter

In 1984, Lenell Geter had been in prison in Texas for 16 months, but, sentenced to life for armed robbery, things looked grim. But Geter, an engineer, was innocent, a man with no criminal record plucked off the street and wrongly accused largely because of the color of his skin.>>>

Tugging at Our Conscience: Stan Brock

Stan Brock is not a household name, although he earned a degree of fame as one of Marlon Perkins’ assistants on the beloved Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. That was not why 60 Minutes trained its cameras on Brock this past March. Before Brock became a television persona, he lived for 15 years among the Wapishana Indians in the Amazon rain forest, where the nearest doctor was 26 days away … by foot.>>>