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3net Producing 3D Civil War Documentary

3net has begun production on a 3D Civil War documentary. The
four-hour miniseries is scheduled to debut on the network, a joint venture from
Sony, Discovery and IMAX, in fall 2011.

The Civil War 3D (working title) will parallel the personal
stories of a Union and a Confederate soldier to give viewers an account of the
war from both sides of the battle. The series will use digitized stereoscopic
archival imagery from the period, scripted reenactments and character narrative.

"Shooting in native 3D gives us the unique ability to bring
an entirely new level of depth and emotion to this epic time in history with
groundbreaking storytelling that simply hasn't been possible until now," said
Tom Cosgrove, President & CEO of 3net.  "As well, The Civil War 3D
series further reflects our ongoing mission to provide the kind of immersive
in-home 3D experience available nowhere else on television."

Towers Productions, LLC will produce the series with
executive producers Jonathan Towers and David W. Padrusch.